Meet the Another Day In Midgar team.

A small group of friends who met at North East Worcestershire College. Wendy, Nathaniel and Anthony all met on an induction day when they all enrolled for the 1st time. Wendy and Nathaniel were in the same class and so formed a very close and loving friendship.

Wendy and Anthony also played in two bands together named Omen Shadow and Sleepy Down, as well as working on a few other projects along the way.

Steven joined the team after talking at length with Nathaniel and Wendy and introducing his character of Ahab from his stories "A Slice Of Hell". After spending a lot of time together, Steven and Wendy began dating and they lived together for nearly 2 years.

Outside of the group, each member has their own projects and pursuits, but they do all enjoy coming together to work on the projects together. Each writes for their own Character and they resemble the characters perfectly.

After Wendy and Steven had split up in May 2011, they decided that that was the end of his contribution to the project and Anthony had to leave the project for other reasons. It was left for the two who had originally started the project and a new member of the team, Becky Reeve (who lives and works very closely with Wendy as both a colleague and as her live-in carer) to carry on where the others left off.

Nathaniel writes for Genesis - A poetic, yet powerful SOLDIER.

Becky writes for Angeal - A quiet and calm teacher, always coming between Genesis and Sephiroth (In the same way that Angeal can stop Sephiroth's impulsive nature, Becky can, and often does do this for Wendy.) Angeal has a hidden side of him and can get irritated by the others very quickly.

Wendy writes for Sephiroth - A bit of a loner, but is kind and has a sweet temperament, until he goes mad. He has a bit of a habit for stubbornness and being a bit too hardheaded or intelligent for his own good, in the same way as a psychiatrist actually described Wendy once!  

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