"Depending on what happens, I may abandon Shin- Ra."

         Full Name: Sephiroth Crescent                         Birthday: 24th October.

      Birthplace: Nibelhiem                                 Weapon: Masamune (7 foot Katana)


      Sleeping, Veggie food, Logic puzzles, Order, Tea.


      Long days, Sleepless nights, Hospitals, Needles, Having his space invaded.

 Sephiroth is an ordered person, he is quiet, a little taciturn and even considered by some as cold. Deep down, he is a nice person, he just likes to be left to his own devices as he values his privacy.

    Sephiroth's biggest challenge lies in his Type 2 Brittle Asthma. A very closely guarded
           secret, and not something he likes others knowing, even when it comes to him being
                unwell and needing help. Lucky for him, this doesn't happen too much but he
                   still paces himself and will not run, unless he is chasing or being chased.
                     He doesn't always accept his limitations which can often cause him trouble
                      often prioritising the mission over his own health or wellbeing.

                        Although he is hailed as a hero, he is not keen on this and doesn't see
                         it in himself. He sees himself as a ball of neuroses and strange
                          habits. Sephiroth is known for his bi-polar disorder, as well as his
                           Obsessive complusive disorder which lead him to act strangely or go
                             from being happy one second to either angry or upset the next. Out
                              of the friends, he is often the one to seek solitude and keep out
                             of what he considers to be everyone's way, sometimes hiding away in
                            his room or his office for days on end. 
                          A lot of his behavior started in childhood, most of which was a giant
                           question mark, to even himself. He doesn't know who his real parents
                           were and it is thought that he doesn't really care, but how does he
                           really feel? Could his bizarre social habits find their origins in an
                           early sense of abandonment?
                            Read the full bio here.

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