Periodically, I will update this to show any new story arcs I have come up with, again, if you have any ideas, just let me know.

CONFIRMED ARCS: 10/12/2012

I spent some time going through all my back-up discs/ flash-drives and hard drive to look at what story arcs I had going. I have my main ideas, I think, and lots of sub-stories in between.

1. Rookies

This is where the madness begins. You have these 3 youngsters who are just in the early days of SOLDIER. Mentored by SOLDIER 1st Class warriors Essai and Sebastian. Here is where we get to know our characters, and some of what makes them tick. Mainly takes place in the plains of Midgar and the SOLDIER Dorms in Junon. Genesis Rhapsodos begins to show his resentment and jealousy over Sephiroth who is a year younger than he is and already so far ahead. The two will eventually have to learn to work as a team and put their quarrels aside.

2. First Class

After a disaster in Modeoheim, Sephiroth wakes up in hospital to learn he has nearly died and the people he went on mission with lost their lives in a disaster that he doesn't understand. How will he cope with the guilt of being a rookie who survived such an incident? Meanwhile management have moved the SOLDIER barracks to the SOLDIER block of the Shin-Ra Headquarters in Midgar. Our 3 friends are promoted to 1st Class, Sephiroth is the youngest to be promoted, at the tender age of 17.

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