"The world needs a new hero."

Full Name: Charles Genesis Rhapsodos III                          Birthday: 14th August.

Birthplace: Banora                                                Weapon: Rapier.    


Computer games, reading, competing


Coming in 2nd place, being disturbed, bad film adaptations.

  Genesis is the the middle child of a large and wealthy family. Although he enjoyed many of life's more material pleasures, he still felt as though he missed out in other ways. He is very competitive and will instigate skirmishes with others just to prove himself.

Despite his highly strung and competitive nature, Genesis does have a heart of gold and is very

   fond of his two friends, in particular Sephiroth, in who he feels he has a kindred spirit.

     Genesis reads from the text of LOVELESS and reveres it as a prophetic text, often taking to

        his own privacy to mull over his own thoughts  about the play and its mysterious meaning

            of the play and the mysterious "Gift of the Goddess.".

        On the battlefield, Genesis and Sephiroth complement each other and are often

        matched in pace and ability.

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