"Embrace your dreams and what ever happens,

       protect your SOLDIER honor." 

            Full Name: Angeal Thomas Hewley                       Birthday: 8th May
             Birthplace: Banora                            Weapon: Buster Sword

                 Reading, gardening, dogs.

                     Arguments, laziness, greed, cats. 

                    At first glance, not a lot can be said about Angeal, other than he is a

                     devoted teacher. He takes great pride in his work and is confident about

                      the things that he does. Angeal is the eldest of the trio and if often

                        called upon to act as referee between the other two when they squabble.

                          Which can, and does happen often.

                          Angeal carries with him his Buster Sword, the symbol of his honor

                           and integrity. Although he is yet to use it in combat, preferring

                            the standard issue weapons supplied.

                           Angeal is a teacher, and is proud of this role and regards it highly.


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